In lieu of traditional fundraisers, Landmark PTA will be hosting various dances this year!
  • Every dance will start right after school (except for the 8th grade dance!).  Door will close so arrive early.
  • COST $5 at the door which is located by the teachers lounge. 
  • All backpacks will be locked in the room till the dance is over. Students please wear your ID at the dance! 
  • Concessions will be available at an extra charge (selections may vary with each dance). 
    •  Pizza is $1.50 so you don't even have to worry about their dinner! 
    •  Drinks are $1 (soda) $2 (powerade). 
    •  Candy is $1 with some smaller candies being 50 cents! 
  • PTA volunteers, Landmark staff and a police officer will be on site to chaperone the dance. We ask students to follow all the school rules or they may risk being asked to leave the dance. 
  • Dismissal from the dance will start at roughly 5:50pm so that all children will be ready for pick up by 6:00. We ask that you please pick your students up promptly by 6:00! 
  • We hope you enjoy this way of fundraising as opposed to a traditional door to door sales fundraiser!